MetaSlavs Roadmap

MetaSlavs NFT is a project represented by 9545 unique, hand-drawn art pieces of squatting Slavs with a glorious vision for the future! 🏆

2 min readNov 20, 2021


Standing behind MetaSlavs is an established winning team that worked on unicorn-level blockchain projects. They are bringing their vast experience, connections, and desire to grow to this fantastic project!

Make sure to check our UPDATED ROADMAP HERE!



The first-ever Metaslavia merch shop will be opening doors soon.

Comrades from all around the world will be able to acquire cool items that will put on that slick Gopnik look and whitelist the buyer for the upcoming NFT drop.

In MetaSlavs Merch Shop you will not only find NFT merch, glorious designs of MetaSlavs, but also you will find Artists of MetaSlavia, such as DJ Ravine, Gopnik McBlyat, Captain McSlugs, and more. 🎭


Drafting of the first 9545 gopniks is just the beginning for the glorious nation of Metaslavia. Anyone who secures a place among the original MetaSlav holders will be eligible for exclusive updates, para-drops, and future perks. 🔥

After the minting process for the original MetaSlavs is done, we will start working on our “second” drops right away! fire Meanwhile, MetaSlavs holders will be able to reach out to tickets for season 2 and trade them for second season NFTs on their mint date.


Greenlight — Red light. You blink — you lose!

The Great Gopnik Games will only reward the fastest, strongest, and most cunning slav squatters. The winners will be forever glorified and commemorated with a special NFT.

The MetaSlavs community will have the chance to attend special events with our partners in Hardbass, gaming, blockchain, and more! Online and offline Gopnik parties, Rush-B tournaments… You name it!

When you gain ranks within the MetaSlavs community, you will gain access to special rewards. 🎁


Under the rule of our Supreme Leaders and controlled by the overseeing eye of the Politburo, Metaslavia will flourish to become the most advanced nation there is! Our next stop — The Moon! And this time, it’s not a fake landing.

All of the Slav worlds will be a part of MetaSlavia! Join us and give us your feedback on which direction you want MetaSlavs to go!


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MetaSlavs NFT is a project represented by 1250 unique, hand-drawn art pieces of squatting Slavs.