MetaSlavs Roadmap Updates

MetaSlavs: Roadmap Updates

Standing behind MetaSlavs is an established winning team that worked on unicorn-level blockchain projects. They are bringing their vast experience, connections, and desire to grow to this fantastic project!

Let’s take a look what’s new in Metaslavia, and what you should look forward to in the near or distant future!



The minting of the original 9545 gopniks on 17 and 19 December will lay the foundations for our team to build a Slavic metaverse. The process of delivering this task would include providing additional NFT projects separated into seasons. We are committing to create derivatives of the original project that include vehicles, pets, and houses.

Every holder of an original MetaSlav avatar will be automatically whitelisted for the upcoming seasonal mints. In addition, the OG holders will be eligible for surprise item airdrops, in the form of NFTs, that would be tradeable and will possess utility for the upcoming Slavic metaverse.


All seasonal NFTs and items will be displayable on a single page on our website. Holders will be able to log in with their web3 wallet and check out their collection of gopniks, cars, pets, and items in a gallery-like fashion.

We are also planning a land sale so you can choose where your home is
and who your neighbors will be.


Every original gopnik has to feel special to its owner. So together with the unique human name, a background story will be added to each of them. An AI algorithm will be used to generate exclusive stories.

They will be distributed on a random and fair principle sometime after the reveal date. The team is also considering giving the option of adding custom backgrounds and traits should the holder wants to pimp up their avatar.


Preparing quality NFT mint projects is a complex and time-consuming task. We wanted to find a way to keep the community engaged between seasonal mints, and that is why we came up with the concept of Gopnik Games.

Holders and holder wannabees will be able to engage in social-media-driven games and puzzles that will reward the most hard-working and cunning participants with big rewards in the form of NFT airdrops. The reward could be as simple as a free mint ticket for an upcoming season, or it can go as wild as having a percentage of a season’s secondary sales!


The team has chosen the Ethereum mainnet for the first season mint. We want to challenge the best existing projects on the network and firmly believe that Metaslavs has the blue-chip potential! The team is also aware that the mainnet will not be sustainable for all the things we want to do with Metaslavia because of the high gas prices. Therefore, a layer two solution is in our development roadmap. We are also considering going in full multichain mode.


Our team is a firm believer that an ERC20 token should only be issued if there is an actual need for it. For us, anything that makes the community stronger is a good enough reason to mint one.

Therefore, we will be issuing such a token in the near future as soon as we decide it’s the right time to do it. It will be airdropped to current OG holders and will vary in size depending on the number of Metaslavia items that the wallet address possesses.


The token will be used to govern and steer the direction of what comes next for Metaslavia. The community will be voting on issues and making decisions — a proper DAO. The future is of endless possibilities: an explorable 2D metaverse, 3D virtual reality, a play-to-earn game… You and your fellow token holders decide!


Under the rule of our Supreme Leaders and controlled by the overseeing eye of the Politburo, Metaslavia will flourish to become the most advanced nation there is!

Our next stop — The Moon! And this time, it’s not a fake landing.

All of the Slav worlds will be a part of MetaSlavia from 17 December, as we have the pre-mint sale, while on 19 December the MetaSlavs NFT goes worldwide!

Join us and give us your feedback on which direction you want MetaSlavs to go!


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MetaSlavs NFT is a project represented by 1250 unique, hand-drawn art pieces of squatting Slavs.