The AnimetaSlavs

4 min readJan 19, 2022


As you may already know the MetaSlavs project will continue the minting of the original collection in batches. We have decided to pursue a bigger number of token holders before closing the mint forever. We’ve put in an enormous amount of work so that the Slavatars look and feel as genuine as possible. Therefore, our main goal in the upcoming months will be to spread the collection to as many corners of the world as possible and showcase our vision and ideas about it.

Why batches

The current NFT market is hardcore. What was selling out a couple of months ago now gets almost zero attention. Our propaganda team tried various marketing and business development approaches but in the end, we couldn't reach the desired 9545 gopnik mints. Many ideas were discussed on how to move forward and the team decided to continue minting in small batches of 400–500 Slavatars that would also have a specific theme. The main benefit of this approach is that there is a specific short-term goal that all of us can pursue. A small success is still a success and would pave the way moving forward.

Why anime

Because, why the hell not. We’ve already had some traits integrated from series like Naruto and Slime. If someone is old enough to remember Akira, there’s a set of slick jackets representing that classic movie from the 90's.

Akira (1988)

Almost all our team members are huge fans of different series and movies and for us, this is an additional motivation to provide better quality and work even harder.

We know that there are many anime and manga fans out there so we wanted to try and reach out to them too and introduce the slav-anime fusion. It’s an experiment but a pretty cool one and it gets us going!

How does it work

The mint for the AnimetaSlavs is currently open and will close after 400 have been minted. The avatars will be hidden until the 31st of January when all the art will be revealed. This will happen without taking into consideration the number of minted slavs (e.g. 200 have been minted out of 400 but we still pause the mint to prepare for the next batch and reveal the 200 on the 31st). In case the 400 are minted before the 31st, the mint will be paused and the metadata and art display will still happen on the designated date.


Any minted AnimetaSlav during that period will have a great chance to get one or more of 10+ anime-related traits. There will also be at least two 1/1s unique art pieces that we want to keep as a surprise but will be displayed in a sneak peek in the upcoming weeks.

What about the OGs

There are exactly 1228 slavs that have been minted and revealed until now. We refer to them as the OGs (Original Gangsters)- the holders of whom we would cherish forever. These are the people that trusted us with their money and we will always put them first moving forward.

To not hurt the OG Slavs by reducing their rarity, we decided to add a slight chance of getting an anime trait on an already revealed Slav. This way, all current holders will have something to expect on the 31st of January. Then, all they need is to refresh the metadata and get lucky!

Although a drop of a rare trait might be cool, we’ve decided that the OGs need some more love. So, for them to become as unique as possible, we will be locking some of the existing traits FOREVER! This means if you got something and we lock it, it will never appear in a future minted Slav.

What are my chances

Although we are still tinkering with the numbers, we have decided to give around a 33% chance to get a rare trait per avatar. This means that every third AnimetaSlav will be equipped with one or more of the good stuff. There might be some crazy good combinations and having two or more traits of the same set will increase the rarity immensely.

The OGs anime trait drop will be something around 5–8% and will be eligible for slavs that have fewer traits in general.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

So there you go comrades. The way forward is set, we as a team will continue to grind hard and keep the project moving in the right direction. The AnimetaSlavs batch is the first step of many. We would like to once more say a big thank you for being a loyal member of our community and a diamond hand holder. For any newcomers reading this, feel free to join us in our discord, it is a very welcoming place where we all share one common goal. MetasSlavs to the Moon!

Naruto Shoes, Akira Jacket, Slime Mask




MetaSlavs NFT is a project represented by 1250 unique, hand-drawn art pieces of squatting Slavs.