ROADMAP #2: Avatar Customization & Great Gopnik Games

From Pimp My Avatar, to the Great Gopnik Games, MetaSlavs will dive deep into the community-based project. DAO, anyone?

2 min readDec 11, 2021


After the mint sales on 17 and 19 December, we’re already planning the future of MetaSlavs. Here are two new reasons to fasten your Lada seatbelts and join your favorite Slav-related NFT project — because there’s a whole Slavic metaverse in our minds. Davai!

Make Your Own MetaSlavs Gopnik

We’ve been thinking about avatar customization and came to a groundbreaking solution. We feel that every original avatar needs to be unique to the owner in any way you’d like. Name your squatting Gopnik and let AI do the rest based on its learning possibilities.

A background story will be added to each Gopnik by an AI algorithm, generating exclusive stories. After the reveal date on 17 and 19 December, the stories will be distributed on a random but straightforward principle. In the future, the team is planning to add customizable backgrounds and different traits, in case you’ve watched too much Pimp My Ride on your babushka’s TV. We call it — “Pimp Your Gopnik, Comrade”!

3G: The Great Gopnik Games

As you’re already pretty familiar with the seasonal mints we’re planning (if not, click here to find out more), we feel that you, our community, should be engaged the whole year-round. This is the main reason we came up with the concept of Gopnik Games in the first place.

The MetaSlavs NFT holders will be able to engage in social-media-driven games and puzzles that will reward the most hard-working and cunning participants — Luka, MetaSlavs co-founder.

The most hard-working comrades will be able to win big prizes in the form of NFT airdrops. Also, the rewards could be as simple as a free mint ticket for an upcoming season, or it can go as wild as having a percentage of a season’s secondary sales! Pretty cool, eh?

Make sure to join our social media regarding additional information on our pre-mint and mint dates taking place on 17 and 19 December!

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MetaSlavs NFT is a project represented by 1250 unique, hand-drawn art pieces of squatting Slavs.