MetaSlavs & HyperFyre Partner Up

We are teaming up with pioneers in sovereign identity security Hypersign and their HyperFyre marketing tool

2 min readDec 8, 2021

By joining forces with Hypersign, while using their HyperFyre marketing tool, we will continue growing MetaSlavs the way it’s intended — using real-time promotions on social media, sweepstakes, contests, referral programs and much more. Security and unbiased approach are the key to a successful project, and HyperFyre will help us build it furthermore.

To mark this groundbreaking occasion, you can win Whitelisting spots, $HID tokens, and a MetaSlavs NFT!

As the MetaSlavs NFT sale is approaching, so is your chance to win your first MetaSlavs NFT, get whitelisted for our upcoming sales— or even win HID tokens!

We’re literally giving away 107 prizes, comrades!

  1. MetaSlavs NFT
  2. 10 winners with $60 worth of $HID, each
  3. 100x whitelisting spots

Anyone can participate, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps — and you’re in!

Follow the HyperFyre referral page, refer as many people you like and WIN prizes!

Each referral gets you 70 points (your referral link can be found under “profile” section in HyperFyre).

Hypersign has recently launched HyperFyre, a privacy-preserving marketing tool that helps businesses whitelist and KYC their users while preventing malicious actors from participating and ensuring that user data is safe and secure.

Since there’s a lot of things coming your way, we will be using HyperFyre for future whitelisting processes to prevent malicious events from occurring — keeping you safe!

Follow our Discord and Twitter channels for more giveaways & don’t forget about the MetaSlavs NFT pre-mint sale on 17 Dec, as well as the mint sale on 19 December.

About MetaSlavs:

MetaSlavs NFT is a collection of 9545 unique, hand-drawn Slavs on Ethereum and our foundation for a Slavic metaverse. We will introduce Great Gopnik games, social-media-driven games, and puzzles that will reward the most hard-working and cunning participants with amazing rewards between new NFT drops and building the metaverse.

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About Hypersign:

Hypersign is an easy-to-use authentication solution that secures user data by combining ‘digital identity’ with blockchain technology. They are also the team behind HyperFyre — enabling businesses to create cult-level followings through explosive real-time promotions using social media blasts, sweepstakes, contests, referral programs, and more.

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MetaSlavs NFT is a project represented by 1250 unique, hand-drawn art pieces of squatting Slavs.