A Week Of Giveaways

2 min readNov 15, 2021


Every day you are having a chance to win #Slavic beauty or cash

To celebrate our blazingly fast-growing community, as well as an upcoming minting date, we’re entering a week of giveaways! Dear slavettes, Gopniks, and NFT lovers get ready for a golden week for the whole MetaSlavic community — starting with 2 giveaways!

Let’s get straight to the point, as we’re aware you’re impatient with the two main giveaways this week with our good friend Captain McSlugs! In case you haven’t heard of him, you’re losing serious Slavic points.

⚡ 1st | Captain McSlugs giveaway

Captain McSlugs and yours truly MetaSlavs are giving away $50 and you can get your own Captain McSlugs GASMASK!

MetaSlavs Giveaway With Captain McSlugs

All you have to do is:

⚡ 2nd | Discord Essentials giveaway for 5 of you!

Why win 50$ when you can win double that, comrade! More $$ means more kvass, vodka, and chebureki goodness!

Enter your chance to win an additional $50 and Discord Nitro Upgrade, along with additional 4 Discord Nitro monthly packs: a total of 5 REWARDS, tovarish!

How to enter?

  • Beware that this giveaway is for Discord members only. But hey, once you join, you become a MetaSlav for life, comrade!
  • Find out more in our Discord!

⚡ 3rd | 72hr Giveaway

MetaSlavs Second Giveaway

Bookmark this article, and follow updates, because every day we will update you with some exciting giveaways!

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